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Forklift Fire Blanket

Controls forklift fire within seconds.

Handles fire in electric & fossil fuel forklifts.

Handles fire in Pallet Trucks.

Works on both external and internal fires.

Reusable & includes Smart Bag.

Forklifts provide the greatest consequences of fire, as they run in huge warehouses where great values are at stake. With the Bridgehill Forklift Fire Blanket, once the blanket is pulled over the Forklift the fire is under control in the same second.

With fires in smaller Forklifts, pull the blanket over the entire Forklift.

For fires in larger Forklifts, pull the blanket over the cabin and down between the mast and cabin.

For places with narrow corridors, we have developed a method that allows you to pull the blanket over the Forklift without going closer than four metres to the Forklift. A fold line is attached to the fabric. Throw the line over and pull quickly from the other side until the blanket extends the Forklift.

The only solution in the world that effectively isolates fires in electric Forklifts.


First Responder 5x5m, First Responder 7x7m, Professional User 5x5m, Professional User 7x7m


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